Parisian Chic - Silk Collection

Because a Parisian Chic Wedding deserves nothing less than luxury, right! So we chose this handcrafted exterior covered in Dupioni Silk and crystal buckle to reveal a royal pattern with colourful handpainted interior and gold foil details.

(Note that each invitation is handpainted individually!)


Printed on textured cotton cardstock, decorated with gold foil details.


Size is roughly an A5. It comes in a custom envelope box or custom box of your choice. (silk box available too)


Colours of silk and ribbon can be changed. Fonts, foil colour and cardstock can be changed to suit you. The text and design will be completely customised. 


Matching boxes and box envelopes available.

Matching stationery available.

Custom shape envelopes and box envelopes available. 

Wax seals and envelope liners available. 

Prices vary on sizes and extras used. 

Photo by Kirsty Mattson Photography.

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