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At KZ Invitations we specialise in luxurious and custom handmade invitations and stationery.

 Our signature designs include decorative corners, 24K gold, genuine silver

and some of our invitations are hand painted individually.

We treat every invitation as a piece of art itself, that is the reason that we take our time to make sure that each and single invitation is handcrafted with love and patience to its perfection.

KZ only sources high quality materials from reliable and quality suppliers to make sure that our clients receive the best products on the market. Even though we source supplies from around the world we strive to work with Australian suppliers to make sure we make the design process quicker, simpler and more reliable for our clients.

We also offer a large range of specialty papers, embellishments, ribbons, laces, so you can customise your design to the theme of your event. 

We are based in Melbourne but we do ship WORLDWIDE!

A little bit about our background

 KZ INVITATIONS was established in 2012 by the owner and creative director of the business, Katerina. Katerina has been schooled in byzantine art and iconography and holds a diploma in illustration. After creating her own wedding invitations, Katerina enjoyed the process so much she decided to start her own business focusing on high quality, luxury wedding stationery. 

Katerina's main passion is to create, to push boundaries and to set new trends. You will see it first here at KZ. We are proud to offer all of our clients GENUINE AUSTRALIAN MADE hand crafted invitations and stationery. One such example of our evolution was in May 2015 when we released our 24K gold and genuine silver leafed designs that were never seen before in the Wedding industry. This was all due to Katerina's unique background in iconography and byzantine art.

Along with the 24k gold and genuine silver, Katerina also started using signature decorative corners on her stationery. These corners are now a trademark of KZ design and add an elegance to any stationery. Recently, in 2017 KZ is proud to offer individually hand painted invitations. These invitations are one off artworks that our clients and their guests can treasure as keepsakes.

We are constantly pushing to create new and exciting styles and are eager to continue to be trend setters for the wedding industry and our clients. We love to bring your ideas to life.

A little bit about our genuine gold and silver invitations

Our range of Silver and Gold invitations are handcrafted with genuine silver and gold leaf, sourced from mined Australian gold and silver. Due to the highly specific process of crafting them we have a dedicated and specialised team with years of experience focusing solely on these types of invitations. On average a single gold or silver invitation can take over two hours to be hand made. 

The process of creating our signature silver and gold invitations is very time consuming therefore we usually ask our very understanding clients to allow a little more time for production. Production times vary on the amount of stationery required and design chosen, however we can on occasion accomodate clients and take on work on shorter notice. We are waiting to create an invitation that will leave your guests speechless.

A little bit about our hand-painted invitations

Our range of individually hand painted invitations are one of our most popular designs. These hand painted invitations are usually either acrylic, guache or water colour and can take well over an hour to create just one invitation. All of these invitations are hand painted by Katerina herself. Katerina's style and vision are visible in every brush stroke on the invitation. Our hand painted range is tailored to our clients specific event and due to the nature of the process, you can be assured that each guest will receive a unique and memorable invitation.

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