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Wonderland Blush Forest Collection

One of our newest designs features our signature florals in blush in a gold, surrounded by a gold foil border and laid on a hardcover card. Each invitation is custom designed and handpainted individually! This means you can change the colours and tone of the flowers. 

It includes a custom shape envelope and a individually handpainted envelope liner. Wax seals are available, or custom stickers to seal your envelopes. If you require matching stationery let us know. 


Printed on letterpress cotton cardstock, with a metallic hardcover card.

Available in many colours. 


It is shown in an A5 size, other sizes available. It can be also re designed as double sided or open style invitation.


Matching custom shaped box envelopes available.

Matching stationery available.

Ribbons and embellishments can be added to this design.
Prices vary on sizes and extras used. 

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